UN PEUREUX® absinthe : the myth makes its comeback

UN PEUREUX® absinthe : the myth makes its comeback

Published 18/09/2014
To celebrate its 150th birthday,
Grandes Distilleries Peureux is reissuing
UN PEUREUX®, using the original recipe books of 1864.



Using the original recipe books, rigorously selected plants are macerated and distilled in small quantities with the greatest care to bring out their distinctive flavours: common and Roman wormwood, anise, fennel, angelica, lemon balm, hyssop and veronica - a unique and deliciously fresh bouquet with the colour of nature and the complex fragrances so typical of absinthe.

To serve

UN PEUREUX® is bottled at a strength of 48%, the ideal degree for the most effective extraction of the plant flavours without the taste becoming overly herbal or bitter.
It is for each individual to experience the essences unique to our absinthe, diluting it with ice-cold water poured exquisitely slowly onto this heavenly elixir.
Our serving suggestion: pour 5 measures of water onto one measure of  UN PEUREUX®.

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